East of England Show 2000
ritish White Cattle Results
16th, 17th & 18th of June 2000
Held at Peterborough in Cambridgeshire.

          De Beauvoir Virgil was the Male and Overall Breed Champion. Virgil is owned and shown by De Beauvoir Farm. The Overall Reserve Champion & Female Champion was Hevingham Dynamo, led by Steve Howard and owned by Diana Birkbeck.
          The Reserve Male Champion was Albany Plato, led by Les Cook and owned by FW Cook & Son. The Reserve Female Champion was Moorside Mint Sauce, led by David Flynne and owned by Lady Iliffe.


British_White_Cattle_E_of_Eng_2000_Male_Champ.jpg (62992 bytes)
Judge Bernard Hartshorn from Hertfordshire
presents the Overall Breed Championship
Trophy to Angela Dunn and De Beauvoir Virgil.
Virgil was the Male and Overall Breed Champion.

British_White_Cattle_E_of_Eng_2000_Fem_Champ.jpg (15594 bytes)
"Hevingham Dynamo" with heifer calf at foot. Female Champion and Reserve Breed Champion, led by Steve Howard and owned by Diana Birkbeck.

British_White_Cattle_E_of_Eng_2000_06.jpg (24833 bytes)
David Flynne leading Moorside Mint Sauce, owned by Lady Iliffe, accepting 1st prize for the 1998 born Heifer Class.

British_White_Cattle_E_of_Eng_2000_Albany_Plato.jpg (33165 bytes)
Les Cook leading his rising 4yr old bull, Albany Plato. Plato was 1st in the Senior Bull Class.

British_White_Cattle_East_of_England_2000_Fem_Ch_25.jpg (57962 bytes)
Female Champion & Res. Breed Champion. Hevingham Dynamo, owned by Diana Birkbeck, handled by Steve Howard & assisted by Caroline Holmes, Diana's sister.

British_White_Cattle_Eof_Eng_2000_Image26.jpg (56782 bytes)
Steve and Caroline with Cups and Rosettes.

Clive Delamore, chatting with the Judge, leading his own Leverington Venice having received 3rd prize.

British_White_Cattle_Eof_Eng_2000_Sr_Bulls.jpg (24191 bytes)
Senior Bulls - In the forefront:
3rd place, 7 yr old Woodbastwick Planet, produced by 
Angie Hamilton  (Breed Secretary) assisted 
by Clive Delamore.
2nd Place-Angie Hamilton (Show Secretary) 
leading her own 5yr old Dallashes Parrot.
1st Place-Les Cook's rising 4yr old, Albany Plato.

British_White_Cattle_East_of_England_2000_Part_of_Cattle_Line_31-2.jpg (23052 bytes)
Part of the Cattle Line
East of England 2000 - Peterborough in Cambridgeshire

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